Gargoyles Eyewear Affiliate Program

Gargoyles Eyewear Affiliate Program

Does Gargoyles Eyewear have an affiliate program?

Yes, the Gargoyles Eyewear affiliate program is available from the Share a Sale affiliate network. It has been listed under the accessories sector.
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What is the commission rate for the Gargoyles Eyewear affiliate program?

Commissions start from 10%.

What are the Earnings Per Click (EPC) with the Gargoyles Eyewear affiliate program?

Earnings Per Click (EPC) average around 119.04

What countries can I promote this program in?

At minimum and depending on network you should be able to promote the Gargoyles Eyewear affiliate program in United States of America. Other regions also might be available for this program. You should contact the administers of the program to find out more.

Does Gargoyles Eyewear have a product or data feed?

Yes, the Gargoyles Eyewear affiliate program does seem to have a data feed available. You should be able to access it based on your permissions and join status from Share a Sale.

How do I join the Gargoyles Eyewear affiliate program?

In order to apply to the Gargoyles Eyewear affiliate program you usually need to be a direct member of the program, or a member of Share a Sale . Details of each program and the network are shown below, along with links to each program. Even if you are a member of these networks already, just click through to the program, login and join.

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Gargoyles Eyewear affiliate program by Share a Sale

Who We Are

Gargoyles Performance Eyewear provides ANSI+ rated premium sunglasses with military-grade eye protection, superior quality, and optical clarity.

At Gargoyles, our mission is simple: protect your eyes, at all costs. From the very beginning, we deployed the latest research and innovations into our sunglasses, transforming the industry in the process. Today, every pair of Gargoyles combines the legacy of yesterday with the technology of today, providing protection and pinpoint optics in sunglasses built to last.

For more information, contact Partner With Gargoyles Eyewear?

We have a 2 year limited warranty against manufacturer's defects

Our sunglasses come equipped with ANSI z87.1+-rated lens protection & TR-90 NZZ frame material

Shipping is always free in the continental 48 United States

Program Details

Default Commission Rate: 10%

Affiliates have the opportunity to earn a commission increase, reach out for more details.

Coupon Site Commission: 2%

Cookie Duration: 45 Days

Terms: Closed PPC policy

Dedicated Support: Professionally managed by Eyewear, Protective Eyewear, Tactical Eyewear, Sunglasses, Premium Sunglasses, Gargoyles Eyewear,, Target Shooting Eyewear, Safety Eyewear, Fishing Eyewear, Hiking Eyewear, Biking Eyewear, Running Eyewear, ansi sunglasses

Commission rates pay up to 10%
This program has a cookie length of 45 days.
For full details click through to Share a Sale to find out more.
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