Seasons4Releaf Affiliate Program

Seasons4Releaf Affiliate Program

Does Seasons4Releaf have an affiliate program?

The Seasons4Releaf affiliate program is available from the Share a Sale affiliate network. It has been listed under the health sector.
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What is the commission rate for the Seasons4Releaf affiliate program?

Commissions start from 20%.

What countries can I promote this program in?

At minimum and depending on network you should be able to promote the Seasons4Releaf affiliate program in United States of America. Other regions also might be available for this program. You should contact the administers of the program to find out more.

Does Seasons4Releaf have a product or data feed?

Yes, the Seasons4Releaf affiliate program does seem to have a data feed available. You should be able to access it based on your permissions and join status from Share a Sale.

How do I join the Seasons4Releaf affiliate program?

In order to apply to the Seasons4Releaf affiliate program you usually need to be a direct member of the program, or a member of Share a Sale . Details of each program and the network are shown below, along with links to each program. Even if you are a member of these networks already, just click through to the program, login and join.

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Seasons4Releaf affiliate program by Share a Sale

We offer 20% commission on all referred sales!

About us: Our life goes by in seasons. Each season is different, and each season comes with different troubles and ailments. No matter what the problem is, it needs to be treated.

Jeff had seen the amazing effect of marijuana on his mother’s fibromyalgia. He knew that it would positively impact thousands of lives, especially for people in the winter season of their lives. But his parents’ reaction to hemp is the rule, not the exception. The older generation pushes back against the plant. So Jeff created Seasons 4 Releaf, a CBD oil company aimed at educating the older generation on the positive effects of CBD oil. By educating people and spreading awareness of CBD oil, Seasons 4 Releaf wants to help people in pain while fighting the stigma of medical marijuana products.

Affiliate marketing is a significant part of the CBD industry since a large portion of CBD sales are made online. Now you can be a part of it!

Advantages of Joining Affiliate Marketing for Season's 4 Releaf

• 20% Starting Commission

• 90-Day Cookies (When a buyer returns to the site within this gap to complete a transaction, you the affiliate will still be rewarded)

• Earn Up to 30% Commission once you generate some good revenue

• Instant & Great Support

If you have any questions please Email:

Commission rates from 20%
This program has a cookie length of 90 days.
For full details click through to Share a Sale to find out more.
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