STSaver Official Affiliate Program

STSaver Official Affiliate Program

Does STSaver Official have an affiliate program?

Yes, the STSaver Official affiliate program is available from the AWin affiliate network.
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What countries can I promote this program in?

At minimum and depending on network you should be able to promote the STSaver Official affiliate program in United Kingdom. Other regions also might be available for this program. You should contact the administers of the program to find out more.

How do I join the STSaver Official affiliate program?

In order to apply to the STSaver Official affiliate program you usually need to be a direct member of the program, or a member of AWin . Details of each program and the network are shown below, along with links to each program. Even if you are a member of these networks already, just click through to the program, login and join.

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STSaver Official affiliate program by AWin

We are breaking the mould of online adult toy stores. Working hard to create a community of openmindedness and sexual acceptance, we aim to work with publishers using the same strong sense of family. Sex Toy Saver will support our publishers as we do our customers, by rewarding them for their participation in spreading our brand message.

There is more to our programme than simply transactions. We wish to create meaningful and profitable relationships with our publishing partners, that aid the growth of our brand whilst also bringing customers into our community and generating sales.

Our Offering

Attractive commissions on sales

Willingness to invest in/support successful partnerships

Passion for development - identifying where we can support growing commissions

Partnership Opportunities

We are looking to utilise an omnichannel strategy that enables us to build our brand across all digital spaces. With that in mind, we are happy to discuss each individual partnership to ensure we create a bond that works for all parties and is built with success in mind. Amongst other publishers, we are looking to work with:

Voucher Code Sites

Cashback, Loyalty and Community Sites

Bloggers, Vloggers and Content Creators

Email Marketers

Social Media Influencers

We strive to keep commissions fair and profitiable for our partners, recognise the work that you are providing to our growing business. We the market continually growing, there is an ever developing opportunity for all parties.

Additional Details

30 Day Cookie

£45 AOV

30-day returns and 60-day validation window - FAST payment

Excellent response rate and support

Attractive commission rate

Growing opportunity in a huge market

For full details click through to AWin to find out more.
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