Anneklein/Timetoshine Europe Affiliate Program

Anneklein/Timetoshine Europe affiliate program

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Anneklein/Timetoshine Europe affiliate program by Commission Junction

The Anneklein/Timetoshine Europe affiliate program is available from the Commission Junction affiliate network. It has been listed under the accessories (jewelry) sector.

Commission rates pay between 15 and 20%

Anne klein eu is a monobrand online store where it is possible to find wide variety of anne klein women’s watches the delicate design of our watches features perfect pairing of timeless yet contemporary looks with durability time to shine is multibrand online store that offers vast assortment of branded watches both for men and women as well as premium writing instruments classic leather or link watch delicate watch with real diamonds and crystals multifunctional watch for explorers simple elegant water resistant fountain ballpoint rollerball pen – you name it we have it all and we are always in progress to have even more

for our affiliate publishers we offer 15 commission per valid order 45 days cookie time to shine website is for the whole europe anne klein eu website is only for the following countries lithuania estonia latvia sweden finland denmark norway iceland france italy spain portugal switzerland austria belgium the netherlands romania serbia slovenia croatia liechtenstein luxembourg malta restrictions

sem is not allowed on these keywords wwwtimetoshineshop wwwannekleineu promo code coupon deals including typographical errors combinations and variations of these keywords

forbidden keywords should also be added in negative keyword section in publisher sem campaign

direct linking to our website in sem campaign is only allowed on keywords not mentioned in forbidden keyword list

affiliates are only authorized to advertise promotion codes that are posted on anne kleintime to shine affiliate channel on cj affiliate publisher agrees to remove any promotion code from its website upon the request of anne kleintime to shine affiliate team sales generated through unauthorized promotion codes are not commissionable and should be removed immediately

landing page should match display url and no redirects or jump pages that immediately redirects to our website

it is forbidden to promote outdated campaigns

it is not allowed to register domains andor make social medial pages that includes our shop name and typographical errors of our store name

it is forbidden to use false advertising or any claim that shows our store our represented brands or our competitors in a false or misleading light as well it is not allowed to use keywords as “official” or “free” or similar kind

it is not allowed to publish press releases regarding our represented brands andor website

fraudulent activities like cookie stuffing link interception and falsifying orders are prohibited

publisher should be aware of keywords in email subject lines that could trigger spam filters and they shouldn’t be used in email marketing regarding our represented brands andor website

all restrictions above applies to our direct affiliates as well as to any subaffiliates of our direct affiliates these rules are applicable to the affiliate and all websites and businesses owned and operated by the affiliate in case of any additional questions or suggestions regarding the program please write us on podporaannekleinvivnetworkscom

For full details click through to Commission Junction to find out more.
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What is the commission rate for the Anneklein/Timetoshine Europe affiliate program?

Commissions vary between 15% and 20%.

What countries can I promote this program in?

At minimum and depending on network you should be able to promote the Anneklein/Timetoshine Europe affiliate program in Czechia.

How do I join the Anneklein/Timetoshine Europe affiliate program?

In order to apply to the Anneklein/Timetoshine Europe affiliate program you usually need to be a direct member of the program, or a member of Commission Junction .