MRI Performance Affiliate Program

MRI Performance affiliate program

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MRI Performance affiliate program by Share a Sale

The MRI Performance affiliate program is available from the Share a Sale affiliate network. It has been listed under the sports/fitness sector.

Commission rates from 10% This program has a cookie length of 45 days.


Your mission as an MRI Performance Affiliate is to spread the word about MRI Performance products and apparel. As you do this and bring in customers to make purchases you will be rewarded for your work. We track all the sales that you bring in. The more sales you can generate the more rewards you will receive!


*TIERED Commissions: 10%-16% of sale

*Cookie Window: 90 days

*Vanities For Customized Placements


*Fill out the form to get started

*Your site will be reviewed to join the MRI Performance Shareasale Affiliate Program.

*If approved, you’ll have access to all the assets, links, logos and banners for MRI Performance!


The MRI Performance Shareasale Affiliate Program uses a tiered structure ranking.

Tier one is the entry point. Tier four is the highest rank, with the best commissions.

After a Tier 1 Affiliate achieves their first fifty sales they will immediately move to Tier 2. The commissions increase as each tier is reached.

An Affiliate will rise through the ranks based upon their accumulated total of sales. Your total sales will "roll-over" week-to-week, there is no “starting over” each month at zero. Your commission adjusts each time you enter a new tier.

Rank -----------Units/Commission

TIER 1--------------0 - 50 / 10%

TIER 2--------------51 - 149 / 12%

TIER 3--------------150 - 199 / 14%

TIER 4--------------200+ / 16%


MRI Performance desires to team up with individuals who believe in, use, and benefit from our products. We also want to promote and reward the athletes and individuals who use our products. One of our strategies for establishing this partnership is our Affiliate Program. We win and so do you as an affiliate.

Thank you for your interest in our affiliate program! If you have any questions, please email us at MRI Performance.

For full details click through to Share a Sale to find out more.
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What is the commission rate for the MRI Performance affiliate program?

Commissions start from 10%.

What are the Earnings Per Click (EPC) with the MRI Performance affiliate program?

Earnings Per Click (EPC) average around 21.00

What countries can I promote this program in?

At minimum and depending on network you should be able to promote the MRI Performance affiliate program in United States of America.

Does MRI Performance have a product or data feed?

Yes, the MRI Performance affiliate program does seem to have a data feed available. You should be able to access it based on your permissions and join status from Share a Sale.

How do I join the MRI Performance affiliate program?

In order to apply to the MRI Performance affiliate program you usually need to be a direct member of the program, or a member of Share a Sale .