Magnetic Mom Lash Affiliate Program

Magnetic Mom Lash affiliate program

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Magnetic Mom Lash affiliate program by Share a Sale

The Magnetic Mom Lash affiliate program is available from the Share a Sale affiliate network. It has been listed under the accessories sector.

Commission rates from 25% This program has a cookie length of 90 days.

My name is Stephanie, founder of Magnetic Mom Lash. My husband and I own a mixed animal veterinary clinic and also operate a beef cattle ranch in our small hometown. We believe in the core values of honesty, integrity, and compassion. Magnetic Mom Lash is an extension of our vaules and work ethics.

Let me introduce our company briefly. I have found lash extensions, serums and magic mascaras to be expensive and not so easy to use. I bought my first pair of magnetic eyelashes and the eyeliner caused eyelid burn. There had to be a better way to get great lashes without a lot of time or money investment! I decided to design natural looking lashes for a variety of REAL work-life situations. In the testing phase, I tried every magnetic eyeliner on the market and found the best one. I also designed several pairs of natural lashes for everyday wear and launched the business!

During the sampling process, my childhood friend "M" announced her cancer diagnosis. I thought "what a gift to be able to provide cancer patients with a natural lash replacement!" and "M" Lash was created. A few months later, I got devastating news that "M" had given up her earthly body and left two adorable young girls to carry on her power-of-positivity legacy. In her honor, the "M" Lash gifting program launched and it is my goal to have free lashes for cancer patients in all 50 states. Our website offers the option to gift a pair of lashes as a purchase.

Our affiliate program is simple, just like our buisiness model. Our average sale is $50 and our commission is 25% of the total sale (minus taxes and shipping). I am looking to grow brand awareness and increase our market share.

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What is the commission rate for the Magnetic Mom Lash affiliate program?

Commissions start from 25%.

What countries can I promote this program in?

At minimum and depending on network you should be able to promote the Magnetic Mom Lash affiliate program in United States of America.

Does Magnetic Mom Lash have a product or data feed?

Yes, the Magnetic Mom Lash affiliate program does seem to have a data feed available. You should be able to access it based on your permissions and join status from Share a Sale.

How do I join the Magnetic Mom Lash affiliate program?

In order to apply to the Magnetic Mom Lash affiliate program you usually need to be a direct member of the program, or a member of Share a Sale .