Coolclever Affiliate Program

Join's affiliate program to market exclusive and fresh products with their own production line and fast delivery, along with cashback and loyalty points that can be exchanged for food and drinks.

The affiliate program for Coolclever is available through .

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What are the Features and Benefits of this Program? is a store that sells natural and fresh products. The online store has over 3000 products and beverages from around the world, including alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks, chilled meat, pastries, desserts, frozen products, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, curd, and cheeses. The store owns its manufacturing and transportation, and it provides round-the-clock delivery within Moscow and the surrounding region. Clients can order products for free delivery when the value of the order exceeds 1500 rubles and when within 10 km from the nearest store. The store offers quality products directly from the production line. It has physical stores, too. Customers get up to 20% cashback for every purchase and loyalty points called KeGLi that can be converted to food and drinks. The website's target market is both men and women who are 22 to 60 years old, with a majority between 35 to 60 years old. Women make more orders than men, with the ratio of 60 to 40%. The store's popular products include milk, cream, chicken meat, sausages, sardines, bacon, boiled sausage, smoked and dry-cured products, chilled culinary products, dairy products, wheat bread, pastries, and vegetables. offers affiliates competitive prices and various types of online traffic. The store's products have a high conversion rate because of the high demand for food products. The store has monthly promotions and new promocodes. Affiliates can adjust the store's advertising materials to the target market's preferences. The target market is average or above-average income earners, 25 years old and above, who buy their products daily, are conscious about food selection, value convenience, service, and delivery, and also willing to visit a physical store. The website's niches are food and beverage, natural and fresh products.

The niche for's affiliate program is food and beverage, and its parent niche is the culinary industry.

The suggested keywords for promoting are natural food store, fresh food market, online grocery, chiller meat, dairy farm products, 24/7 delivery, exclusive beverages, and loyalty points program.

The suggested SEO title for an article promoting's affiliate program is: \"Partner with Promote Your Online Natural Food Store and Get Cashback and Loyalty Points\".

The suggested SEO description for an article promoting's affiliate program is: \" offers fresh and pure premia handpicked products from around the world. Partner with to promote quality natural food and exclusive beverages and enjoy 20% cashback and loyalty points\".

A reason to join's affiliate program is that affiliates will be marketing exclusive and fresh products with their own production line and fast delivery, together with cashback and loyalty points that can be exchanged for food and drinks.

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