Банки.ру - Страхование Affiliate Program

By partnering with Bank.ru, customers can utilize an online OSAGO calculator and can issue an electronic OSAGO policy for passenger cars, in doing so, are also able to fill out just one questionnaire for all companies. This increases the likelihood of purchases while allowing customers to save up to 74%. Banks.ru also allows for the policy to immediately arrive via e-mail after payment has been made.

The affiliate program for Банки.ру - Страхование is available through Admit Ad.

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What are the Features and Benefits of this Program?

The online OSAGO calculator allows you to calculate the cost of car insurance according to new rates from all insurance companies and find out how much OSAGO will cost without registration on the website. You can calculate the amount of damage, penalties, forfeits, wear and tear, and KBM for 2023. Banks.ru: online OSAGO policy calculation and registration service. The service allows you to calculate and issue an electronic OSAGO policy for passenger cars on the banki.ru website. The advantage of the service is that the data needs to be filled in once, and requests are sent to several insurance companies, which increases the likelihood of a purchase. Policy registration in 2 minutes; Prices from 18 insurance companies; A single questionnaire for all companies; Issuance of OSAGO with up to 74% savings; The policy will immediately come to your e-mail after payment. Requirements for the insurance contract: Citizenship of the policyholder and drivers - RF; Contract term - 1 year; Passenger car (category B). GEO: RF Target action: purchase of a policy Commission reward will range from up to 20% of the cost of the sold policy depending on the region. Allowed traffic sources: Brokerage; Banner advertising; Contextual advertising; Search engine seo traffic; Traffic from social networks (VK, MyTarget, Telegram, Odnoklassniki, Yandex.Dzen); Teaser networks; Mobile traffic; Pop-up advertising; SMS mailings (by agreement); E-mail mailings (by agreement); Call centers (by agreement). New type of traffic based on update from May 2023! Prohibited traffic sources: Any form of user motivation (offers, through contests, etc.); SPAM in any form; Prohibited redirect (clickunder and other advertising formats, in which the site is viewed without the direct participation (consent) of the user); Adult (18+); Publications on behalf of Banks.ru; Advertising on the brand (including advertising on the brands of banks and MFOs); Toolbar; Facebook, Instagram; The use of any traffic sources, except those specified in the list of allowed ones, must be preliminarily agreed with the advertiser. Our creatives/texts must be agreed with the advertiser before starting work. The material is sent for approval in its finished form (including graphics, text, headers, links, etc.) and in the format in which you plan to use it. Requirements for advertising materials: Availability of a large and noticeable logo; Using only branded fonts (available in the brand book); Using only branded colors in the main palette (available in the brand book); Availability of elements of the corporate style - a square with rounded corners (available in the brand book); In the main message, we use the formulation 'on Banks.ru' (for example: 'pick up a loan on Banks.ru'); Advertising must strictly comply with the Federal Law 'On Advertising'; If you use images not from the Banks.ru brand book, you must have the right to use them. The use of images in violation of copyright is strictly prohibited. When creating an advertising message, we ask you to take into account that the advertiser is STRICTLY PROHIBITED from: Misleading the user in any form; Placing and sending advertising materials on behalf of the advertiser; Using redirect domains without prior agreement. Violation of these rules may result in disconnection from the offer and rejection of earned funds in full. Conversion accounting is based on the 'last source wins' principle. Cities where policy issuance is free: Sevastopol City Other regions of Russia Dagestan Republic of Ingushetia Novosibirsk region Tariff grid

Who offers the Банки.ру - Страхование affiliate program and how can I join?

The Банки.ру - Страхование partner program is available through Admit Ad. Some of the details are listed below.

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