terracanis Affiliate Program

Joining Terra Canis' affiliate program allows you to promote high-quality pet food for dogs and cats in 100% food quality. Terra Canis' commitment to using only the best ingredients, without compromising on quality, results in extremely low cancellation rates. Affiliates benefit from a high commission structure and exclusive brands such as Terra Canis and Terra Faelis.

The affiliate program for terracanis is available through Awin.

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What are the Features and Benefits of this Program?

Terra Canis follows the natural laws with its varied recipes, which are based on the instinct of a dog that is shaped by evolution and nature. Terra Canis is the online store for high-quality pet food for dogs and cats in 100% food quality. You can earn up to 11% commission per sale on the net value of goods.

The philosophy of Terra Canis is that dog and cat food should be made of high-quality food, with the highest possible freshness, and without compromise on quality. The company avoids using animal and bone meal, low-grade animal and plant by-products, offal, pork, artificial antioxidants, colorants, synthetic preservatives, sugar, and synthetic binding agents.

Terra Canis offers three different earning levels: Silver, Gold, and Premium. You earn a commission on confirmed orders, whether the customer is new or an existing one. As a Silver affiliate, you get 9% for 1-10 confirmed orders, 4% for new customers, and 9% for existing ones. As a Gold affiliate, you get 10% for 11-20 confirmed orders, 5% for new customers, and 10% for existing ones. As a Premium affiliate, you get 11% for 21 or more confirmed orders, 6% for new customers, and 11% for existing ones.

Affiliates benefit from extremely low cancellation rates (less than 1% in the entire store), a 30-day cookie validity, and exclusive brands such as Terra Canis and Terra Faelis. SEM and AdWords are allowed only after approval from Terra Canis, and booking of brand names is not allowed (including spelling errors). Direct links to the shop and paid mailing are not permitted either. Email campaigns are allowed only after consultation.

What commission can I earn promoting the terracanis affiliate program?

Commission can vary between 4 and 9%.

Who offers the terracanis affiliate program and how can I join?

The terracanis partner program is available through Awin. Some of the details are listed below.

Are there any similar or alternative programs to the terracanis Affiliate Program to promote?

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