Decathlon Affiliate Program

Joining Decathlon affiliate program will allow affiliates to promote sporting goods from the biggest retailer with more than 30 brands designed for each sports specialty. The company is committed to providing quality sporting products and has a global presence, providing affiliates with a wide market to promote the products.

The affiliate program for Decathlon is available through Awin.

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What are the Features and Benefits of this Program?

Decathlon is one of the largest retailers of sporting goods in the world, both in physical stores and online. Decathlon was founded over 40 years ago in France by a passionate sportsman with the objective of developing the practice of sports. Today, Decathlon has more than 1500 stores spread over 55+ countries and has 30+ own brands for each sports specialty.

The payout will be for CPA of 4% authorized for Social Cashback Coupons - Only for promotion of existing promotions on the site. Allowed Verticals: Content Email Showcase Retargeting Display Individuals Affiliates ● Text ads: Generic keywords will be allowed with a minimum of 2 keywords per phrase, e.g., weightlifting shoes, cycling backpack, tennis racket; ● Text ads: Obligatory negation of institutional terms in the exact, broad, broad modified, and phrase match variations. Ex KW: decathlon ● Text ads: Obligatory negation of possible variations of institutional terms (misspelling), e.g., decatlon, decatolon, decatlhon among others;

Not Allowed: Site Under Search (SEM) Direct from Brand Name Words and/or Misspelling Search (SEM) Indirect from words or combinations containing the brand name and/or misspelling: decathlon discount/coupon.

Important only for Non-Brazilian Publishers and for Brazilian publishers who do not have an agreement with zanox Brazil: Taxes on importing advertising space to Brazil, currency fluctuations and international wire transfer fees will be borne by the Non-Brazilian Publisher. The operational taxes are 25% of the commission earned. The defined commissions in the Brazilian program includes all applicable taxes. By the time the commission is credited to your publisher account the deduction will already have taken place. Same is true for the reporting. Please, be aware we cannot offer individual documents for publishers (e.g. DARF statements). The commissions earned and reported in BRL will be paid out in EUR. For the conversion, the Brazilians central bank rate is used, including a 5% deduction to cover currency fluctuations and international wire transfer fees. For Brazilian publisher who want to open an account in Brazil enter here: []

Who offers the Decathlon affiliate program and how can I join?

The Decathlon partner program is available through Awin. Some of the details are listed below.

Are there any similar or alternative programs to the Decathlon Affiliate Program to promote?

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