Little Big Change Affiliate Program

Little Big Change offers unique selling points of prioritizing the health of babies over other factors, alongside eco-friendly practices and certifications. By promoting this affiliate program, you can help parents discover a sustainable and safe option for diapering their babies while receiving competitive commissions through a CPA-based model and various benefits as an affiliate partner.

The affiliate program for Little Big Change is available through Awin.

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What are the Features and Benefits of this Program?

Little Big Change offers high-quality diapers for babies that prioritize health and safety. These diapers are made in Germany and have been awarded six quality certifications. The company has now expanded to Germany and Austria to offer their successful affiliate marketing program. Little Big Change insists on zero compromise when it comes to babies’ health, which is why their diapers contain 0% Chlorine, 0% Fragrance, and 0% Allergens. This makes their products 100% safe and gentle for babies’ sensitive skin. The diapers have been certified as ÖKO-Tex Standard 100, have passed the dermatest® with five stars, are cotton-enhanced with premium-quality cotton, and bear the FSC certification for sustainable forestry. Moreover, two of their packaging materials have been awarded with eco-friendly titles, such as “I’m green” and “OK biobased”. The company produces its diapers using 100% green energy, and the diapers remain dry for up to 12 hours. To make parents’ lives easier, the diapers are available under a flexible subscription with free deliveries.

Little Big Change offers a comprehensive affiliate marketing program with tailored content such as Textlinks, Bannersets, and Emailing-Kit. The company provides an attractive pay-per-subscriber remuneration model, with a CPA that is adjusted to the advertising channel. Little Big Change's CPA model includes 10% for Content Publishers, 8% for Retargeting & Display Publishers, and 5% for Gutschein Publishers. Affiliate partners enjoy a 30-day cookie lifespan, low churn rates, Attractive discounts and promotions, and professional support from the company.

Little Big Change's Affiliate Program has a few Publisher-Einschränkungen, as they don't work with websites that feature pornographic, erotic, or right-wing extremist content, and refuse to honour cashback unless it is agreed upon beforehand. Little Big Change also prohibits brand bidding (SEA) and keyword combinations with the Little Big Change brand, while Postview-Publishers may only participate after consultation with the company.

In essence, Little Big Change provides diapers that aim to make a difference for babies, parents, and the environment. Affiliate partners can profit from the robust affiliate program that comes with attractive discounts and promotions, and professional support.

Who offers the Little Big Change affiliate program and how can I join?

The Little Big Change partner program is available through Awin. Some of the details are listed below.

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