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Last Updated : 2 Jun 2023

The Savings and Investments niche features a diverse range of financial products that cater to the needs of individuals looking to grow their wealth. From savings accounts and certificates of deposit to stocks and bonds, this niche offers a wide variety of options to suit different investment preferences. As an affiliate marketer, you can target this niche by promoting products and services that help people save money and build their investment portfolios. With the right approach, you can position yourself as a trusted authority in the Savings and Investments niche and earn a significant income by promoting these valuable financial products.

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  • post-office-online-savers-affiliate-program logo

    Post Office Online Savers

    Post Office offers tax-free savings, bonds & easy-access accounts via the Online Savers Affiliate Program. The largest financial services chain with the UK's largest retail network.

    RegionsUnited Kingdom
    Added27 Apr 2023
  • easybroker-affiliate-program logo


    Easybroker is an investment platform that aims to simplify the investment process for individuals. The platform charges low fees, provides clear information and user-friendly tools, and offers support to its users.

    Flat commission is fixed at 42.00.

    Cookie Length100 days
    Added23 Feb 2023
    CPSDeep Linking
  • qoala-cpl-affiliate-program logo

    Qoala CPL

    Qoala CPL is a free online savings tool that offers cash-back and automatic discount coupons from over 3,000 selected stores. It shares commission with users, giving back a portion of what they spend on online purchases. A valid lead requires filling out name and email fields and verifying the email.

    Flat commission is fixed at 1.02.

    Cookie Length20 days
    Added03 Feb 2023
  • moneysupermarket-broadband-affiliate-program logo

    MoneySupermarket Broadband

    MoneySuperMarket is a leading price comparison website in the UK, offering a range of products, including broadband and mobile comparison services. With more than 40 products to compare, users can find the best deal tailored to their needs. MoneySuperMarket sources exclusive offers from providers, providing users with a market-leading opportunity to save more.

    RegionsUnited Kingdom
    Cookie Length30 days
    Added01 Feb 2023
  • alfa-bank-investitsii-affiliate-program logo

    Альфа Банк - инвестиции

    Alpha Investments is an online investment platform offering free account opening, low commissions, and a range of investment opportunities for both new and existing customers. Offering a high yield of 13% annually, the site is easy to use and offers clear courses on how to trade in securities and stocks, as well as a simple method of buying currency at favorable rates.

    RegionsRussian Federation
    Cookie Length30 days
    Added13 Jan 2022
  • savebetter-affiliate-program logo

    SaveBetter is a digital platform that makes it easy for customers to acquire high-yield deposit products from federally insured banks and credit unions, all from one online savings marketplace.

    Flat commission is fixed at 80.00.

    RegionsUnited States of America
    Cookie Length30 days
    Added29 Dec 2021
    CPSDeep Linking
  • altroconsumo-campaign-affiliate-program logo

    Altroconsumo Campaign

    Altroconsumo offers a new membership deal for new members at only 2 EUR per 2 months, including a 50% discount for the following 12 months. Members have access to expert reviews and exclusive discounts on consumer products, as well as a subscription to Altroconsumo Magazine.

    Cookie Length30 days
    Added08 Oct 2021
  • mcaffeine-affiliate-program logo


    mCaffeine is India's first caffeinated personal care brand for young and aspiring millennials providing an exciting range of vegan products. They offer a flat commission rate to affiliates for promoting their campaign on CPS. The main objective is to generate sales by diverting users to the advertiser's website through an affiliate link.

    Cookie Length30 days
    Added31 Aug 2021
  • bks-mir-investitsiy-affiliate-program logo

    БКС Мир инвестиций

    Learn about the BCS World of Investments - Broker affiliate program which offers investment and trading on the stock exchange. The program also offers bond and liquid Russian stocks selection. There are also international market investments with BCS Asset Management Company.

    RegionsRussian Federation
    Cookie Length30 days
    Added09 Jul 2021
  • axis-affiliate-program logo


    Axis Mutual Fund is a large mutual fund in India with a lot of investment capabilities in equity, fixed income, real estate, and multi-asset solutions. Their Asset Management Company (Axis AMC) also provides other investment management services including alternative investment funds (AIF), portfolio management services (PMS), and advisory services to offshore funds/investors. Affiliate marketers can promote their current campaign, Axis MF - Multicap NFO, which aims to generate KYC verified leads for investment on their website.

    Cookie Length30 days
    Added12 Feb 2021
  • yuccies-cpl-affiliate-program logo

    Yuccies CPL

    Yuccies is a recently launched savings program which provides an efficient and cost-effective shopping experience with high cashback offers and collaboration with major advertisers.

    Flat commission is fixed at 2.80.

    Cookie Length100 days
    Added30 Jun 2020
    CPSDeep Linking
  • Sicavonline

    Sicavonline offers investment products, including account titles, PEA, PEA-PME, life insurance policies, capital investment solutions, and real estate investments (SCPI), catering to private investors. They provide remuneration for leads generated or subscriptions started, with bonuses for specific products. Sicavonline has a reputation for providing specialized investment products and lead monitoring for over 20 years.

    Added04 Mar 2020
  • test-aankoop-test-achats-affiliate-program logo

    Test Aankoop / Test Achats

    Test Aankoop offers a unique package for Belgian consumers, including magazines, legal assistance, and access to thousands of products with discounts and benefits.

    Flat commission is fixed at 34.50.

    Cookie Length30 days
    Added28 Jun 2018
  • fidelity-sipp-affiliate-program logo

    Fidelity SIPP

    Fidelity is a self-directed investment platform offering various services and access to investment solutions. Fidelity SIPP is a tax-efficient way to save for retirement with a low-cost investment starting from as low as £100. The affiliate program offers a competitive commission for a new SIPP sale. The program provides tailored and off-the-shelf content to attract traffic.

    Flat commission is fixed at 83.33.

    RegionsUnited Kingdom
    Cookie Length30 days
    Added06 Mar 2018
  • supermoney-taxes-affiliate-program logo

    SuperMoney | Taxes

    SuperMoney is a financial services aggregator that partners with top banks and financial companies to offer consumers a comparison shopping service for personal loans, auto loans, mortgages, debt consolidation options, credit cards, tax relief programs, insurance, and more. With millions of users already using our platform, SuperMoney empowers consumers to make informed financial decisions without the confusion and hassle of traditional comparison shopping.

    Commission is available at a rate of 50%. Additionally, flat commission is fixed at 750.00.

    RegionsUnited States of America
    Added24 Oct 2017
  • unitedconsumers-affiliate-program logo


    UnitedConsumers is a consumer collective that offers high discounts for energy, telecom, fuel, car, and health insurance purchases. With over 500,000 consumers taking advantage of this service, the discounts offered by UnitedConsumers continue to grow. In addition to the savings consumers receive, the company offers multiple award-winning services, including excellent customer service.

    Flat commission is fixed at 60.00.

    Cookie Length60 days
    Added21 Jul 2017
    CPSCPLData Feed
  • kids-pass-affiliate-program logo

    Kids Pass

    Kids Pass is a popular family savings app in the UK that partners with many operators and brands to offer exclusive savings at various attractions, restaurants, and cinemas across the country. Their app provides up to 57% off at the UK's top attractions, up to 40% off cinemas, up to 50% off UK and European family breaks, and up to 25% off dining out. Their commission rate for approved sales is £1.50.

    Flat commission is fixed at 1.50.

    RegionsUnited Kingdom
    Cookie Length30 days
    Added30 Jan 2017
  • bigbank-affiliate-program logo


    Bigbank offers deposit contracts and savings accounts with attractive interest rates. They have a traditional business model with a focus on realism and sustainability, and combine it with modern and digital solutions to be the most valued digital financial service provider in Europe. Deposit contracts and Flexible saving are the two saving options they offer. Both plans have no management costs and are legally guaranteed by the Deposit Guarantee Fund in Estonia.

    Flat commission rates vary between 22.50 and 30.00 and may depend on the network.

    Cookie Length100 days
    Added27 Jan 2012
    CPSCPLDeep Linking