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Last Updated : 2 Jun 2023

The "Business and Investing Digital Media Products" niche is a highly lucrative and competitive market that offers a wide range of digital resources to help entrepreneurs and investors grow their businesses and increase their wealth. From ebooks and video courses on marketing and sales to financial planning and stock trading, this niche provides a wealth of valuable information and strategies for anyone looking to succeed in business and finance. As an affiliate marketer, promoting products within this niche can be a great way to earn passive income while helping others achieve their goals and aspirations. With the right strategies in place, there's no limit to the potential earnings that can be generated within this niche.

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  • benzinga-affiliate-program logo


    Benzinga Pro is a customizable and easy-to-use platform for accessing stock market news and research. The tool is geared towards CEOs, traders, and anyone interested in stocks and trading.

    RegionsUnited States of America
    Cookie Length30 days
    Added02 May 2023
  • camden-coffee-roastery-affiliate-program logo


    Camden Coffee Roastery is a speciality coffees roastery and premium teas artisan business offering a wide variety of coffees and teas, as well as coffee making equipments and related gifts.

    RegionsUnited Kingdom
    Added27 Apr 2023
  • sogotrade-affiliate-program logo


    An overview of SogoTrade, an online investment service provider that aims to provide the best customer experience through top-tier trading platforms, support, and technology.

    Flat commission is fixed at 2.77.

    Added02 Mar 2023
  • pokercoaching-affiliate-program logo


    Join the PokerCoaching Partner Program and learn how to play poker like a professional while earning sale commissions, exclusive payouts, bonus payout programs, and more.

    Commission is available at a rate of 30%.

    Average Commission7.15
    RegionsUnited States of America
    Cookie Length30 days
    Added27 Feb 2023
    CPSData Feed
  • nkl-peters-affiliate-program logo

    NKL Peters

    The NKL is a class lottery with over 400 million in profits and offers multiple chances to win non-cash prizes. Werner Peters OHG is a state lottery collection agency based in Hamburg. They offer two attractive lottery products with end customer benefits of low cancellation rates, quick processing of sales, high conversion rates, and strong promotional materials.

    Cookie Length30 days
    Added30 Jan 2023
  • vendoo-affiliate-program logo


    Vendoo is a software that allows resellers to easily list their items on multiple online marketplaces from one platform. With features like inventory management and data analytics tools, Vendoo aims to solve the daily pain points of the reselling industry. Users are charged a monthly subscription fee starting from $8.99 and up to $149.99 and affiliates can earn a 15% commission and 30-day cookie window per successful referral.

    Commission is available at a rate of 15%. Additionally, flat commission is fixed at 0.01.

    Average Commission1.17
    RegionsUnited States of America
    Cookie Length45 days
    Added06 Jan 2023
    CPSCPLData Feed
  • slips-affiliate-program logo


    Slips offers lottery tickets for various lotteries like Powerball and Mega Millions, online or through an app. The platform has fused lotteries with giveaways and rewards, offering a social and thrilling experience with individual and group play options.

    Flat commission is fixed at 20.00.

    Average Commission30.00
    RegionsUnited States of America
    Cookie Length90 days
    Added06 Jan 2023
    CPSAuto ApproveData Feed
  • the-modern-directory-affiliate-program logo

    The Modern Directory

    The Modern Directory Affiliate Program is a subscription-based platform for businesses in the fashion industry. Affiliates can promote the platform and earn $10 for each approved sign-up via their referral link. The program is designed to help fashion businesses grow and connect. Affiliates access ad banners, text links, and other valuable materials for better conversions. A dedicated affiliate manager provides support with marketing activities.

    Commission is available at a rate of 60%.

    RegionsUnited States of America
    Cookie Length90 days
    Added06 Jan 2023
    CPSData Feed
  • lottoland-affiliate-program logo


    Lottoland is a popular lottery company with an Affiliate Program.

    Flat commission is fixed at 8.00.

    Added28 Dec 2022
    CPSDeep Linking
  • staatsloterij-affiliate-program logo


    De Staatsloterij is de grootste en eerlijkste loterij van Nederland, waarbij alleen verkochte loten meedoen aan de trekking. Het biedt sterke publishervoorwaarden, regelmatig acties en goede commissies. Er zijn enkele voorwaarden voor affiliate-marketing.

    Cookie Length15 days
    Added05 Sep 2022
  • air-france-gb-affiliate-program logo

    Air France GB

    Air France, a member of the Air France-KLM group, offers travel opportunities worldwide. The airline operates on a cost-per-acquisition model and offers varying commission rates based on haul type.

    Commission is available at a rate of 1.5%.

    RegionsUnited Kingdom
    Cookie Length30 days
    Added19 May 2022
  • saxo-bank-affiliate-program logo

    Saxo Bank

    Saxo Markets offers online trading and investing services to clients worldwide, with a highly successful affiliate program. The program promotes a universal offer, the Saxo investing & trading account, with personalization to meet individual needs. Saxo Bank offers a wide range of products, including self-investing, Saxo stocks, ETFs, bonds, managed portfolios, futures, (stock) options, turbos, asset management, Saxo WealthCare (pending launch), and a variety of platforms. Saxo Bank is highly trusted, with over 25 years of experience in the industry.

    Flat commission rates vary between 1.56 and 50.00.

    Cookie Length30 days
    Added25 Oct 2021
  • namerobot-affiliate-program logo


    NameRobot offers tools for creating unique names for companies and products. The tools range from brainstorming to checking name ideas. Their product suite includes Namefruits, Namescore, and the NameRobot Toolbox. Their affiliate program offers a 20% commission per sale.

    RegionsUnited States of America
    Cookie Length30 days
    Added01 Oct 2021
  • tus-loteras-affiliate-program logo

    Tus Loteras is an online lottery administration that offers all state lotteries and bets in a safe and easy manner. They have been an official sales point since 1987. Their affiliate program offers periodic banner updates, personalized technical assistance, and personalized discount codes.

    Cookie Length30 days
    Added09 Dec 2020
  • satty-zhuldyz-affiliate-program logo

    Satty Zhuldyz

    Satti Zhuldyz aims to win the trust of Kazakhstani citizens by providing international standard lottery products with transparency and responsibility. They use IT systems to provide real-time information and put great importance on corporate social responsibility. Lucky Queen is a new game available to the general public now with the potential of enormous growth. The target audience is men and women aged 24-34 with an interest in lotteries and other related games without any regional restrictions.

    Cookie Length30 days
    Added28 Sep 2020
  • helloprint-affiliate-program logo


    Helloprint is an Irish online printing company offering customisable printing services to businesses and resellers, with a unique selling point that involves ease and speed in the entire process and optimal services to the customers. With huge incentives for affiliates involved in sales, Helloprint's program is aimed at affiliates who enjoy potential eCommerce in the printing industry.

    Commission is available at a rate of 12.5%.

    Cookie Length100 days
    Added22 Jun 2020
  • skl-gluck-kommt-von-glockle-affiliate-program logo

    SKL – Glück kommt von Glöckle

    Promote one of the largest state lottery revenues in Germany and receive up to €14,00 per lead/sale. SKL Glöckle is a trusted family business that has been operating for over 120 years. They offer attractive commissions and have a high conversion rate with optimized landing pages. SKL offers regular promotions with commission increases and customer discount promotions.

    Flat commission rates vary between 6.00 and 12.00.

    Cookie Length30 days
    Added25 Sep 2019
  • lotto-affiliate-program logo

    Lotto is an online lottery platform owned by the 16 independent state lottery companies in Germany. The platform offers popular lottery games such as LOTTO 6aus49, Eurojackpot, GlücksSpirale, and KENO. As a partner, you can earn a commission of between 3-4.5% for every ticket sold (except for KENO) and up to €4 for every new customer/lead that you refer to the platform. is a reliable, state-approved platform with low cancellation rates, personalised service and support, and quick processing of sales and leads.

    Commission is available at a rate of 3%. Additionally, flat commission is fixed at 2.00.

    Cookie Length30 days
    Added18 Sep 2019
  • aunt-betty-affiliate-program logo

    Aunt Betty

    Aunt Betty is a highly popular travel agent in Australia and New Zealand, offering competitive prices for various travel services.

    Commission is available at a rate of 1.6%.

    Cookie Length30 days
    Added26 Jun 2019
    CPSData Feed
  • lottobay-affiliate-program logo


    Lottobay is an online lottery service with full options and no extra fees. The company offers a commission of €10 per active customer, lifetime provision model, and diverse advertising materials. However, affiliates are subject to strict compliance requirements, and some limitations apply to the affiliate program.

    Commission is available at a rate of 2%. Additionally, flat commission is fixed at 8.50.

    Cookie Length60 days
    Added12 Jun 2019
  • viper-tec-inc-affiliate-program logo

    Viper Tec Inc

    Viper Tec Knives is an online store that manufactures and sells high-quality custom auto knives, and automatic pocket knives. In addition to knives, they also offer tactical weapons like batons and stun guns. Viper Tec Knives has a diverse customer base, including knife collectors, police, and military personnel, as well as everyday customers searching for high-quality and functional knives. They have a huge selection of quality knives & blades to choose from and offer various types of knives, including OTF/auto knives (switchblades), butterfly knives, and swords/big blades.

    Commission can vary between 4 and 15% and may depend on the network.

    Average Commission13.33
    RegionsUnited States of America
    Cookie Length60 days
    Added19 Mar 2019
    CPSData FeedDeep Linking
  • tradingview-affiliate-program logo


    TradingView is a social network and platform for trading, offering a comprehensive range of charting tools to help users share and view trading ideas.

    Commission is available at a rate of 24%.

    Added22 Jun 2018
  • wealthsimple-affiliate-program logo


    Wealthsimple offers smart investing tools, personalized advice, and a range of investment options to help users build long-term wealth. With over 30,000 satisfied clients and more than $1 billion being managed on the platform, Wealthsimple is a trusted name in the investing world.

    Flat commission is fixed at 400.00.

    Cookie Length45 days
    Added30 Oct 2017
    CPSDeep Linking
  • stoloto-affiliate-program logo


    Stoloto is the largest distributor of state lotteries in Russia with opportunities to win multimillion prizes. Join their affiliate program for high lead confirmation rates, various advertising materials, and a wide range of geo-targeting.

    RegionsRussian Federation
    Cookie Length30 days
    Added24 Aug 2017
  • thelotter-com-affiliate-program logo is the first website that offers people the freedom to buy tickets for official lotteries from around the world. They purchase lottery tickets through authorized dealers on behalf of their clients, and their service is available to anyone who has an account on their website.

    Commission is available at a rate of 14%.

    Cookie Length100 days
    Added28 Mar 2017
  • furntastic-affiliate-program logo


    Furntastic is a UK-based furniture and home decor retailer that offers premium designer furniture products from Europe's best brands. With an extensive range of contemporary, traditional, and retro style furniture and home decor essentials, the store is known for its high-quality products and personal service. The affiliate program offers a 30-day cookie period and a flat 3% commission on sales, with a range of promotional tools available.

    Commission is available at a rate of 5%.

    RegionsUnited Kingdom
    Cookie Length30 days
    Added17 Aug 2016
    CPSData Feed
  • nationale-postcode-loterij-affiliate-program logo

    Nationale Postcode Loterij

    The National Postcode Lottery offers players a chance to win prizes while contributing towards various causes. The lottery has raised over 4 billion euros since its inception, supporting over 150 good causes in and outside of the Netherlands. Playing in the lottery is a way to make the world a greener and fairer place.

    Flat commission rates vary between 18.60 and 55.80.

    Cookie Length8 days
    Added02 Jun 2014
  • vriendenloterij-affiliate-program logo


    The Friends Lottery is a charity lottery in the Netherlands, where participants can choose which charity half their card price goes to. Everyone is a winner in the lottery, with an hourly prize drawn every day. The lottery has raised over half a billion euros for charities since 1998.

    Flat commission is fixed at 18.60.

    Cookie Length8 days
    Added09 May 2014