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Last Updated : 2 Jun 2023

The employment services niche provides a vast array of opportunities for affiliate marketers to help job seekers find their dream jobs. It's an ever-evolving field that covers everything from resume writing to job interview preparation, job search assistance, career coaching, and more. Working in this niche helps people to advance their careers, get better salaries, and transition into new roles within their preferred industries. With an ever-growing demand for quality employment services, affiliate marketers involved in this niche have a plethora of opportunities to make a significant impact in the job search world. So, affiliates in this niche can offer great value to both job seekers and employers by providing them with quality assistance that will ultimately benefit their careers.

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  • resume-genius-affiliate-program logo

    Resume Genius

    Resume Genius provides job seekers with useful resume builder and cover letter generator software. They offer an affiliate program with unlimited earning potential and a commission rate of $12 per subscription.

    RegionsUnited States of America
    Added27 Apr 2023
  • makestories-affiliate-program logo


    MakeForms is a powerful and secure form builder platform that offers a comprehensive set of features catering to all form-building needs. Additionally, users can sign up for their affiliate program and earn a 30% recurring commission on each subscription made through their affiliate links.

    Commission is available at a rate of 30%.

    RegionsUnited States of America
    Cookie Length45 days
    Added17 Apr 2023
    CPSData Feed
  • bambee-affiliate-program logo


    Bambee is an outsourced HR solution for small to large businesses. The Bambee affiliate program provides a full range of services, helping small businesses keep their HR practices on autopilot.

    Flat commission rates vary between 40.00 and 160.00.

    RegionsUnited States of America
    Added23 Feb 2023
  • adzuna-affiliate-program logo


    Adzuna is a job search engine that provides over 15 million job seekers in over 20 countries access to every available online job listing in one place. They utilize technology to match people to fulfilling jobs, and have developed unique tools like ValueMyCV to help job seekers understand their market value. They provide quality candidates for advertisers and aim to reach a unique world of quality talent.

    Flat commission is fixed at 0.18.

    RegionsUnited Kingdom
    Cookie Length14 days
    Added21 Nov 2022
  • restoll-affiliate-program logo


    Restoll is an online store that provides professional food service equipment across Russia and Kazakhstan. They offer a complete service package, have over 25,000 products on their website, and have attracted more than 30,000 satisfied customers in over 8 years of operation. Restoll is a market leader, and their unique selling points include high commission payouts, high EPC, and a significant presence in the Russian and Kazakh markets.

    RegionsRussian Federation
    Cookie Length30 days
    Added13 Sep 2021
  • youbahn-affiliate-program logo


    Youbahn is a temporary employment platform that offers flexible work opportunities across multiple industries in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Utrecht.

    Flat commission rates vary between 3.50 and 35.00.

    Cookie Length100 days
    Added25 Jun 2021
  • pulsiva-affiliate-program logo


    Pulsiva offers budget-friendly gastro and hotel supplies at discounted prices, prioritizes customer satisfaction, and offers customer service for inquiries and concerns.

    Cookie Length30 days
    Added07 May 2021
  • lusini-affiliate-program logo


    LUSINI, a leading supplier of top-quality products from renowned brands such as VEGA, ERWIN M., and JOBELINE, offers personalized services for creating the perfect guest experience. They provide furniture for restaurants, outdoor seating areas, table settings, textiles for kitchens and accommodations, and functional fashion for hotel and restaurant careers. Their affiliate program offers a commission of 5% per purchase and scopes for personalised contracts.

    RegionsGermany, Spain, Norway, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and France
    Cookie Length30 days
    Added14 Oct 2020
    CPSData Feed
  • ziprecruiter-affiliate-program logo


    ZipRecruiter is an online employment marketplace designed to connect employers and job seekers using smart matching technology. It aims to provide job searchers with an easy and user-friendly way to find employment in their area. The platform has already helped over 1.8 million businesses since its inception in 2010, and every month, over 25 million job seekers use ZipRecruiter on average. With just a few clicks, job searchers can find jobs hiring near them and apply to them easily.

    Flat commission is fixed at 80.00.

    RegionsUnited States of America
    Cookie Length30 days
    Added06 Jan 2020
    CPSCPLDeep Linking
  • good-company-affiliate-program logo

    Good company

    Good Company is a recruitment agency that takes a personalized approach to matching candidates and companies in the fields of IT, Sales, Tech, Marketing, and Data. They have thousands of current and real job openings throughout the country and post vacancies only with permission.

    Flat commission is fixed at 4.00.

    Cookie Length31 days
    Added11 Jun 2019
    CPSDeep Linking
  • hh-affiliate-program logo

    hh is the largest online recruitment platform in Russia, featuring extensive databases of resumes and vacancies provided by almost 200,000 company accounts. This article summarizes the conditions of their latest \"New Employer Payment\" offer, the audience demographic and benefits of their affiliate program, and recommendations for effective promotion.

    RegionsRussian Federation
    Cookie Length30 days
    Added21 Aug 2017
  • adzuna-nl-affiliate-program logo is a job search engine with a mission to become the best online destination for job searches. It searches thousands of websites to aggregate millions of jobs worldwide using smart search options and labor market data analysis.

    Flat commission is fixed at 0.28.

    Cookie Length30 days
    Added16 Jun 2016
  • Five Interviews

    Five Interviews is a proven interview system that simplifies technical recruiting, saving organizations time and money while ensuring the hiring of top talent.

    Commission is available at a rate of 60%.

    Added17 Jul 2014
  • home-jobs-directory-affiliate-program logo

    Home Jobs Directory

    The Home Jobs Directory offers over 2,500 data entry jobs that allow individuals to work from home and make money online almost immediately. This directory presents a simple way to earn substantial cash on a daily basis through legitimate work-from-home opportunities.

    Commission is available at a rate of 54.4%.

    Added14 Jul 2014