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Last Updated : 19 May 2023

The Coaches niche is a valuable market for affiliate marketers due to the growing demand for personal and professional development programs, workshops, and online courses. Coaches are experts in their respective fields who provide guidance and mentorship to help people reach their goals. The coaching industry is diverse, catering to clients in various areas such as career development, fitness, relationships, and spirituality. Affiliates can benefit from promoting coaching programs that provide real value, improve the lives of customers, and generate recurring revenue streams. With the right strategies and targeted marketing campaigns, affiliate marketers can tap into this profitable niche and help people pursue their aspirations.

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  • coacher-affiliate-program logo


    Coacher offers professional career coaching services to help individuals develop and advance their careers, with a focus on improving brand recognition and gaining new clients.

    Cookie Length30 days
    Added13 Feb 2023
  • the-neuroencoding-institute-affiliate-program logo

    The Neuroencoding Institute

    The Neuroencoding Institute provides coaching and speaking certifications that enable individuals to achieve immediate and sustainable results using scientifically-backed methods. It has a reputation for being one of the most respected high-performance coaching programs in the industry.

    Commission is available at a rate of 10%.

    RegionsUnited States of America
    Cookie Length30 days
    Added06 Jan 2023
    CPSData Feed
  • vitality-corporate-fitness-affiliate-program logo

    Vitality Corporate Fitness

    The Vitality Corporate Fitness affiliate program offers online corporate fitness coaching to help energize employee health, wellness, and vitality. Experienced coaches offer customers an engaging program combined with innovative technology to achieve individual goals. Corporations can easily implement the program to create a healthy workplace culture that benefits both the company and employees.

    Commission is available at a rate of 8%. Additionally, flat commission is fixed at 200.00.

    RegionsUnited States of America
    Added05 May 2022
  • glob-cc-affiliate-program logo


    GLOB by Franck Nicolas is an accredited coaching and training company based in Canada. They offer online coaching and personalized events in France and Canada that focus on leadership and entrepreneurship. Their mission is to bring people together, create, offer, and enrich the world - one person at a time.

    Commission is available at a rate of 3%.

    Cookie Length30 days
    Added15 Jan 2020
  • poppy-sports-affiliate-program logo

    Poppy Sports

    Poppy Sports offers personalized career coaching for female endurance athletes, high-performance athletic gear and lifestyle apparel, and a supportive community for a wide range of sports and active lifestyles.

    Commission is available at a rate of 6.4%.

    RegionsUnited States of America
    Cookie Length90 days
    Added08 Feb 2018
    CPSDeep Linking
  • ebasketballdrills-affiliate-program logo


    This program helps basketball coaches improve their team's game in a matter of weeks.

    Commission is available at a rate of 40%.

    Added05 Sep 2014
  • cyclesport-coaching-affiliate-program logo

    Cyclesport Coaching

    Cyclesport Coaching provides personalized coaching and training plans for recreational and competitive cyclists, which can improve their ability to ride, build fitness, and plan rides targeting specific cycling attributes.

    Commission is available at a rate of 60%.

    Added04 Sep 2014
  • mental-caddie-affiliate-program logo

    Mental Caddie

    Mental Golf Type is a Golf Mental Game Coaching program that offers a unique profiling system to identify players' natural mental strengths and stressors, utilizing new mental technology to help golfers of all ages and skills improve their game.

    Commission is available at a rate of 32%.

    Added03 Sep 2014
  • renegade-mental-golf-affiliate-program logo

    Renegade Mental Golf

    Learn how a golf mental coach can help you achieve peak performance on the course with their innovative 'brain training' program.

    Commission is available at a rate of 60%.

    Added07 May 2014